Advocate, Entrepreneur

She is the founding Director of CREW 40:4, a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread the message of the Kingdom of God through culturally relevant expressions of worship.

Jo-Ann served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in West Africa and The Americas for seven years, affirming people in their cultural identity and guiding them in writing new songs for worship using their own languages and music genres. Over the years her work has taken her to over 30 countries on five continents.

In Jamaica Jo-Ann is becoming increasingly popular for reading from the Jamaican New Testament (aka di Patwa Bible) and singing worship songs in the Jamaican language and music genres. She also recently served as head of the Music and Media Department at the Jamaica Theological Seminary where she still serves as part-time lecturer.

Jo-Ann is a member of the International Council of Ethnodoxologists and has been certified by them as an Arts Training Specialist. She also represents the international Lausanne Movement as Arts Catalyst Coordinator for the Caribbean. Her publications include the album Kom Mek Wi Worship and the book Godincidences: Adventuring with an Awesomely Sovereign, Sovereignly Awesome God. She recently released her third album project, Kom Mek Wi Worship 2: Di Revilieshan. It is a collection of songs based on the book of Revelation, in Jamaican Creole and Jamaican Standard English, utilizing a range of Jamaican music genres.

Jo-Ann is married to visual artist Marcel Goffe and they currently reside in Kingston, Jamaica.

I absolutely love reading from the Jamaican New Testament "Patwa" Bible and singing worship songs in the native tongue.

By Jo-Ann Richards


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